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Redefining the thermal industry
Superior Design. Superior Performance.
Our Vision

Rather than tell the story of how Ursa is a global company with offices in China, Taiwan, the USA and Canada, or about how we’re ISO 9000 certified, or how we’re committed to developing more efficient, affordable and eco-friendly products, let’s just talk about what really matters: lights.

To put it plainly, we’ve designed the world’s most powerful single-source LED products. Ursa exists to serve the lighting world, providing innovative solutions through our core platforms.

As a subsidiary of Cofan USA, we’re able to leverage their 30 years of experience in thermal management, and combine that with our revolutionary 3-pad flip chip design to create LED products that are not only beautifully designed, but will lower your energy costs by up to 70%. Ursa’s 3-pad flip chip technology allows our lights to be incredibly efficient and durable, thanks to low temperature bonding and passive cooling techniques.

Our vision is set on changing the thermal industry, creating a new standard in efficiency and affordability.

“We love to work with top-minded companies who believe in innovation, the environment and leading solutions in their own industry.” –Sang Han, CEO
Our Mission
Creating a new standard.
As a forward thinking subsidiary of Cofan-USA, we aim to create a new standard in efficiency and affordability.
We’re taking on the LED industry with better designs, smarter innovation, and more powerful LED products.
Cold-forged heatsink core with patented Forging Fit technology, capable of passively cooling up to 100W.
Eco-Friendly Maintenance
Ursa’s technology allows us to be incredibly efficient, with high efficacy lighting and affordable passive cooling techniques.
Lower Cost of Ownership
High thermal dissipation and thermal resistance allows the use of smaller form factor thermal solutions, which in turn, lowers your cost of ownership.
Record high total light flux and efficiency of a single light source with the Flip Chip Opto COB
Our best selling LED.
Our best selling LED.
Helios 100W
  • Cold forged heatsink core with patented Forging Fit technology capable of passively cooling up to 100W
  • Adjustable angle bracket with a 270 ̊ allowable swivel
  • adaptable to various masts and poles
  • Compliant with Mean Well 100W PSU
  • Equipped with a 90 ̊ beam angle lens with a sealed waterproof design