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Tacoma, Seattle
Agro Mechanix / Slab Mechanix


Agro Mechanix is one of many professional, state regulated production cultivation facilities supplying the state of Washington with recreational cannabis. Agromechanix has been known to produce high quality, top shelf cannabis, as well as producing concentrates via Slab Mechanix. The main problem with the cannabis industry is that it requires a light fixture that will produce less heat and more effective light, while maintaining or reducing the wattage used. Current market solutions are driven by high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide lamps, which have been proven to produce quality cannabis under the right factors.

Agro Mechanix set up a growing room in 4 x 4 plots inside a racking system that allows fixtures to be hung about two feet from the canopy. Currently, 1000W HPS lamps are being used along with entire environmental control using HVAC, CO2 burners and humidity control. The problem with this setup is that it produces a very high amount of heat resulting in unnecessary power loss. By retrofitting with LEDs to produce higher light output, additional yield amounts would increase revenue dramatically.

  • Helios 100W
  • Helios 1200W
  • Helios 185W

The main problem with the cannabis industry is that it requires a light fixture that will produce less heat and produce more effective light while maintaining or reducing the number of wattage used.


In the first of three tests, three Helios 320W lamps were used in place of one 1000W HPS lamp. This test featured the URSA 4080 full spectrum. The results showed better performing yields and higher potency numbers than the 1000W HPS lamp, while using 9% less power.

In the second test, the Helios 600W and Helios 1200W under the URSA 4080 spectrum both outperformed a single 1000W HPS lamp. The Helios 1200W performed exception- ally well, and the cannabis plant reached an incredible height due to single sourced light penetration. This type of light is best used for greenhouses and medium to high ceilings.

In the third test, the URSA Optilux 640W under the URSA 4080 spectrum was compared against a 1000W HPS lamp. The Optilux performed incredibly well, exceeding all the other models. It’s the newest flagship fixture from URSA, and produces a stunning 1600 PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) in the center coverage and an industry leading 400 PPFD on the edges of the 4 x 4 coverage. The cannabis plants under the URSA Optilux achieved 11% increased yields and 3% increased potency, while using only 65% of the power of a 1000W HPS lamp.

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