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@KRUNCHBUBBLE approached URSA to discover the potential of LEDs on the potency and yield of plants. With over twenty-two years of experience in growing top-shelf medical cannabis, @KRUNCHBUBBLE was determined to test and discover the differences between URSA LEDs and the standard high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide grow lamps used in the industry.

The grow conditions consisted of four 4 x 4 grow plots, each consisting of three Helios 320W fixtures, spaced evenly in a 10 x 10 grow tent. All the identifiable factors were inclusive and controlled, including humidity, nutrients, temperature, vapor pressure density, and lighting cycles.

In the early stages of LED technology, LED fixture manufacturers lacking top-tier experience released a surge of low quality products. Because of this, LEDs in the grow market have received a poor reputation due to ineffective integration of the technology. The main problem with the cannabis industry is that it requires a light fixture that will produce less heat and more effective light, while maintaining or reducing the wattage used. Current market solutions are driven by HPS and metal halide lamps, which have been proven to produce quality cannabis under the right factors.

  • Helios 320W
  • Full Spectrum

There was also a significant decrease in node to node stretching, implying that vertical stacking was magnified—hence more yield grown in the same vertical space.

Our Solution

By using the Helios 320W instead of the 1000W HPS lamps, power usage was reduced by 13%. Cannabis growth was shown to increase in yield by 9% and potency was increased by 3%, while using the same nutrients, time cycles, and environment factors for both types of lighting. The final yield weights were 7 pounds, 11 ounces, with each 4 x 4 tray producing 51.75 ounces of dried cannabis.

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