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San Francisco Bay Area, California
Purple Frost Genetics


Purple Frost Genetics is a specialized, high-grade medical marijuana producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Featured by High Times, SC Cannacup, CaliCannaCup, and HempCon, Purple Frost has cultivated many award-winning strains. Purple Frost approached URSA LED to replace a section of their current grow facility’s 12 high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps with the Helios 600W. URSA provided an industrial grade photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) efficiency simulation, and showed that the light output from the Helios 600W is equivalent to the HPS lamps. Coverage of the light output has also increased with the use of URSA’s new 90° low ceiling reflector.

Purple Frost Genetics tasked URSA to replace their HPS lamps with energy efficient LEDs. After replacement, several challenges arose due to the changes in ambient heat, as LEDs generate lower heat levels than HPS lamps. Due to the lowered ambient temperatures, the HVAC system had to be adjusted and turned down. In comparison, the grow space dropped an average of 10°F after switching to the LEDs. This provided exceptional power savings in addition to the decrease in lighting power usage.

  • Helios 600W

The cannabis flower under the Helios 600W also had more sugar content, and grew more potent than when under the HPS lamp.


Purple Frost Genetics reports that by replacing their 1200W HPS lamps with the Helios 600W, they achieved additional yields of up to 4%, potency increases of 2%, and reduced their power usage by 55%. An added benefit of the switch was the reduction of maintenance costs associated with the HPS lights, which include changing the bulbs, checking bulb replacement options, and time scheduling.

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